Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Expensive Shoes

So after my crazy blog about Crocs, I thought I should do something more enlightening and useful for my fashion friends. You know how I feel about Crocs - but let me tell you of my favorite styles for comfort and style of shoes - Coach makes a great wedge. Coach shoes, for the investment price, are a good value and also go on sale so wait and get a good price. I have bought several pairs on sale at department stores and Norsdtrom Rack. All my Coach shoes have lasted a long time and they are really cute.

Here's my favorite pair -  a wedge with black patent toe:

I also like these:
The accented toe peaking out under your dress pants adds visual appeal and style. I was all over here like, "I wish Coach would come out with gold toed wedges, or turquoise or orange!" friend Kate came up with an awesome idea. Just paint the suckers!! So I got some wedges from the thrift store that actually were super cute for the experiment and metallic paint. 

Tape off the section of the shoes you want to paint and viola! You have "Coach" wedges that are a fraction of the price and flipping cute!

So if you own a pair of plain shoes that need a little pick me up, here's the solution! Paint those suckers!!


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