Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Latest Food Obsession: Spaghetti Squash!

So I go on food tangents and my last one was PB2 which is the most amazing peanut butter around. You can read that blog post HERE!

My latest food obsession is spaghetti squash. Have you ever tried it? It's delicious, healthy, versatile, and easy to make! My cousin Britney can vouch for my obsession as our last three meals that we have had together where I cooked, we had spaghetti squash.

Spaghetti squash are at all the grocery stores and look like this: 

Some people like to cut them in half at this point and scoop out the seeds. If you have a decent knife, do this  but be careful! It looks like this. Scoop out the seeds (you can toast the seeds later!)

I don't even bother doing this because you can stick the whole thing in the oven and then slice it later which is WAY easier. Put the whole thing in the oven at 375 for 45-50 minutes. Take it out (be careful, it's HOT!) and slice it in half, take out the seeds and then with a fork, shred out the squash. It will come out in strings and look like spaghetti. 
Here is what it looks like scooped out! 

On it's own, it's sweet and delicious. I have just been doing salt and pepper! You can add butter though or even brown sugar for a dessert like taste. 

I like it with spaghetti sauce and other veggies mixed in like fresh tomatoes and basil and fresh cheese. 
There are so many versatile recipes for this vegetable...like lasagna, or casseroles, or use it as a bed for grilled chicken. 

How YUM does this look?
I like serving it in the shell with meatballs and sauce. 

Try a Mexican version with yummy grilled meats, cilantro, and avocado!
Try using black beans and make tacos! 

Does it look like spaghetti? YES! Does it taste like spaghetti? NO. Not even close. If you eat this vegetable as a wonderful vegetarian meal or lovely veggie side dish, you will love it. If you eat it and try to tell yourself it's flour noodles, you won't love it as much. 

It's so yummy to eat during cold weather. I suggest you try it and come up with your own favorite versions! You really can't go wrong. Have fun!!


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