Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Top 10: Beauty Essentials!

Hey Folks! So I love hearing about peoples top 10 tried-and-true-can't-live-without beauty products because they usually come from a lot of trial and error and save me a lot of trying products that suck before finding a good one. Here is my list of everyday beauty ESSENTIALS! Over the years, I have done the $300 facial creams, $50 dollar mascaras, and tried the cheapest things on the market, too. I have done it all. Now I know where to invest and these products below are ones I have been buying and using faithfully foreves.

1) Mascara is super important. If I had to choose one makeup thing and live with only that the rest of my life, I would choose mascara. Here is my favorite, "Maybelline The Falsies" in VERY BLACK. It works amazing and is like 6 bucks.I do 2-3 coats.

2) I use a variety of foundations and keep trying new ones. I haven't found anything I couldn't live without but the BEST powder I have EVER used - is Clinique Double Powder in Matte Beige. You can totally just use this and no foundation. I have been using this for 13 years and I buy several at a time. Don't pile it on TOO thick though because then you will look like you have too much makeup on.

3) So I have super oily skin and throughout the day, I need to blot the oil. DO NOT put on more powder like I mentioned above - that's how you look "cakey". These oil strips are my savior!! I use two or three a day and stick the used ones in my co workers desk once in awhile to make her scream. I used to blot my face with tissue paper before these oil strips came out. I am OBSESSED with these.

5) I love a great eyeliner. My friend Karen started me on MAC's black eyeliner in "Smolder". It stayed on FOR DAYS and it thick and yummy and super dark. I LOVE IT. I don't wear it on my short days at work...I will just wear a generic Cover Girl eyeliner but for nights out, long days, or if I am on camera, this is the best eyeliner on the planet.

6) MAC Eyeshadow in "Mulch". It's the most gorgeous neutral/brown eyeshadow. I use it on everyone when I do their makeup and on myself almost everyday. Sometimes I blend it with purple or pinks. Sometimes I apply a light amount for a natural look or sometimes I apply a lot when I want to look like a hussy. I LOVE IT!!

7) I love to do two things at once - LORAC duo blush and bronzer does that. It's perfection.

8) The best nude lip color on the PLANET is BLANKETY by MAC. I even blogged about it last year here!!

9) False eyelashes. They transform your ENTIRE face. I wear them for special occasions or just when I want to look super hot. When applied correctly, they make you look like a Playboy centerfold in 3 quick seconds. Use a ton of eyeshadow when you wear them.  These are the ones I use and I get them at Sally Beauty Supply.

10) Positive thinking. We as women can get so down on ourselves. We don't look a certain way or need to lose a certain amount of weight or whatever. It's so easy to fall into this trap and believe me, I have and I work at it all the time.

All the false eyelashes and makeup is just fun, not real. It all starts from within and my number one beauty tip for you ladies (and fabulous men if you've made it this far!) is to remind yourself of everything you are - instead of everything you are not. Look in the mirror right now if you can or just repeat after me: "I love and approve of myself. I am thankful for today. I am thankful for the person I am". And tell yourself this - everyday.


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