Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Brother Darrel

So last night I took my big brother Darrel to dinner and a movie for his birthday. We have been doing it for years and it's become a fun tradition. I really enjoy having dinner alone with Darrel because it's the only time of the year we get to catch up just the two of us. We dish on everyone and everything and it's fun. I really enjoy my brother because of his sense of humor. He just makes our lives more fun. His impressions are out of this world and he's just got a "don't give a shit" personality. Darrel is 22 years older than me. When he finally moved out, it was because I was born and used to, every morning around 5 am, crawl to the bottom of the stairs and scream, "Daowl! Daowl! Daowl! Daowl! Daowl! Daowl! Daowl!" until he would get up and play with me. After about 6 months of that, Darrel thought "screw this" and moved out. 

 Darrel is a take it or leave it kind of guy which is kind of how the Hoffmans as a whole are. Here is a picture of us at the Broadmoor for brunch.

As you guys know, we go all the time. It's a five star place but we don't act like five star people. One of the funniest things Darrel does which horrifies our parents is taking two huge shrimp and putting them in his mouth so he looks like a walrus.

One time as a special treat, he added bacon.

This picture was taken RIGHT when Darrel let out the HUGEST fart I have EVER heard. People walking on the path behind us turned around like WTF! I about died laughing and Darrel was pretty proud of himself.

This was right after. My little brother Paul and I were dying!

Still laughing! (PS this picture reminds me I need to dig out that fab Michael Kors bag that I am wearing because it's a great style for summer.)

My favorite Broadmoor antic was when he pretended to pee in the bushes. I am sure that was the highlight of everyone's Mother's Day! Also, wearing a Hawaiian shirt to Sunday Brunch? Hell yes!

Darrel is an awesome guy. He runs Ajax Custom Plating which is our families plating shop up the block from the doll shop on South Broadway. He also restores old cars and races. I enjoy going to the car shows because I am a car girl myself. You can meet him and one of his cars if you come to our Summer Festival on August 11th.

I think Darrel needs a Facebook. =] As redic as I am, he's the one that taught me!


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