Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guuuuuurl's Gucci Is Real!

Hey All! So it's midnight here in New Orleans and I am just coming off the excitement of opening night of the doll show. Lots of fun which I will write about later - but I have to tell you about my trip to the nail salon yesterday. I flew in mid afternoon and had several hours to kill and it was still nice and light out so I took to the streets of the French Quarter. Armed with a Venti Americano and my new Gucci bag, I put on my favorite hat.

I came across a nail salon that looked out of one of my favorite movies, "Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Gin in the Hood". It was sheer ghetto fantastic. Check it out!

What sold me was the sign on the front. NO STAY FRONT DOOR! (They don't want prostitutes lingering - I later found out.)

So I walked in. As soon as I set foot in that door, I was greeted with a swarm of fantastic black women with weaves, leggings with spray painted jeans motifs, and fake Gucci bags. I was told to "PICK YO COLOR, YOU NOW PICK YO COLOR" so I went over to the nail station where this sign was prominently displayed.

So I picked my color - this awesome tangerine from OPI. As I walked to my chair, one of the women getting her eyebrows done asked me, "Gurl, is that Gucci for real"? I told them it was.

"Yo Teesha, get over here. Gurl's got Gucci fo' realz!"

Teesha came over with her 4 inch acrylics like Edward Scissor Hands and a tank top that happened to be twelve sizes too small that said, "Booty Patrol" on the front.

Teesha asked me if she could get a picture with my bag and I happily obliged. She then brought out her fake Gucci bag for comparison. I showed them how to tell a real from a fake and gave a throw down authenticity lesson right in the nail salon. I loved it, it was like I was a celebrity in these parts for having authentic goods. They were really nice though and I had a great time getting my nails done with them. We gossiped about everything and had a great time. Also, my nail lady did an AMAZING job. It's one of the best mani pedis I ever had. I think it's because she's used to the crusty feet that come through but that lady worked me over like Big Momma Jama after a sale at Sears.

My favorite part was the lotion bottle that was tied down with a rope at the drying station.

When I took to the streets, I kept looking down and a bum in the gutter told me just as I was taking this picture, "Don't worry Honey, you luuk guud".

If you ever make it to the French Quarter, about 4 blocks north of the Ritz Carlton is one of the best nail salons EVER! If you bring some real Gucci, you will be famous. Tell em' Rachel sent ya.


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