Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Wore

So one of my favorite blogs is "What I Wore" which you can follow here: What I Wore

She uploads pics of what she wore! If it was to the park, airport, picnic, whatever. It's super fun. She even has categories or work, fun, play outfits on the right side.

Over my last trip to New Orleans, I threw together some fun outfits that I thought I would share. I always feel like such a douche train taking self pics but I do it with cute outfits to remember them. (Or ones I think are cute anyway!) Here are some of my favorites from the week!

This pink top I have had forever but the skirt is new and I love it. I am obsessed with stripes right now. I have the top in a white version but I gave it to my friend Vicky. Maybe she will let me borrow it because this would be so cute with white - or bright blue! 

I threw a scarf over my blue dress because it was COLD AS HELL (wait, hell? whatever.) in that hotel! I ended up loving this look though. I wore my favorite J12 everyday - which I always do.

 I wore this shirt out Thursday to cruise the gay bars. This picture was the most composed I was the entire evening. The jewelry is John Atencio.

 It was a shit show. Even the Evidence Aviators made an appearance!

This is what I wore on the last night. I bought this dress forever ago and just now wore it. It's kind of Asian looking. I love the empire waist and purple stripe on the top.



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