Friday, April 6, 2012

High Five for Friday

I can't believe it's already Friday again. I love Fridays...even though I generally work Saturdays. Fridays have a feeling of freedom, finishing, and fun. Apparently, I like words that start with F. Know what else I like?

Here's 5 things!

1) I always enjoy Fridays because they start out with coffee with my cousin Sara. Sara and I are in a really good place right now and I love our ritual get togethers. Sara is moving soon so we only have a couple more dates at our favorite Starbucks. We figured out today that we've been meeting there for about 3 years! I also really enjoy Americanos =]

2) I got my stuff back from Big in the mail. No note - which was probably better. I wasn't looking forward to it so it's not really a high but I am also glad it's over with and I have my sexy fuck me shoes back and my favorite Hermes H belt (pictured below) back.  I am thankful I got it past me. Good thing I didn't marry him. I like having H as my last name =]

3) I lost a pound this week after completely over indulging this weekend on Palm Sunday. I plan to enjoy myself this Sunday at the Broadmoor but not do the crazy eating all day and into the night like I did last weekend. It causes me total anxiety! Thank goodness I walked everyday.  I am really enjoying being healthy again and feeling in control.

4) Over the weekend, I went to a Easter Egg dying party at my cousin Sara's house. It was nice to hang out, chat with the other gals there about fashion and boys and just socialize. It was nice to get out and hanging out with other awesome woman always makes me feel empowered. 

5) So on my bucket list was a post about buying baby wipes to clean my new LV purse. I did this last night and it WORKED AMAZINGLY!!! It's my best find since green smoothies. I will dedicate a whole blog to this new find. Stay tuned.

6) I need to add 6 things...on my way to work, this cute skater boy was eating a banana and totally checking me out as we drove all the way down Santa Fe. We kept smiling, waving, flirting. I felt hot! He seemed like a total player and he yelled, "What are we doing tonight?" out the window. I just laughed and hit my turbo button on my car and smoked him.  I am not ready to date and especially not this guy cat calling me from Santa Fe but this experience boosted my confidence and reminded me that I "still got it!" =]

What are you grateful for this week? 


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