Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If It Was Good Enough for Audrey and Jackie, It's Good Enough for Me!

Hey Guys! My friend Vicky came over last night and we talked about purses pretty much the whole time and it was really fun. I have a fun collection that I enjoy. So most of you know that I am a Louis Vuitton purse girl - I have a couple that aren't - but I have to REALLY love them to stray away from LV. I have been an LV girl since the first day I bought one when I was 16. I slipped that magical bag on my arm and walked out of that store light as air and I was completely hooked. This is my first Louis Vuitton. The Ellipse PM. This is a GREAT bag.

Over the years, I have bought and sold tons of bags. Probably over a hundred. I get them new but have also bought them from consignment shops. Mostly I buy them new. I would recommend staying AWAY from eBay because there are amazing fakes out there. I have even bought a couple fakes - wasting hundreds of dollars. I learned my lessons though. There are a couple of decent sellers on eBay which I will put links to their stores on the bottom of the page but as you will notice, their bags are really high prices and in most cases, I am of the opinion it's just worth it to buy it new. I like having a "fresh" bag. No spots from anyone but me, you don't have to worry about its authenticity and you get the whole "experience" of buying it, (if the store employee is a bitch, go to a different store - she/he doesn't deserve the commission) and carrying the shopping bag around the mall and having other women shoot you dirty looks, and unwrapping it when you get home. To save tax, order them from Louis Vuitton's website - you only have to pay shipping.  Check out the website! 

One of the other things that  also is good about buying your bag new is that when you go to sell it, having the original receipt, box, trimmings, etc will ALWAYS fetch you a higher price. I generally keep my bags 3+ years and in that time, they have had a few price increases and I can get close to what I paid and got my investment in enjoying it. I sell them when they get dark. Like - not light honey patina but past that. I don't like dark Louis Vuitton leather. Some people LOVE it. I hate it. I sell them on eBay. Goodbye!

I could make this post miles long. There is so much in the world of Louis Vuitton. This one is a starter.  My next several posts will be about maintaining, cleaning, and storing your bag. 

If you have never bought a LV bag, I recommend going with the Speedy. This is just my opinion. I like top handle bags. Some people hate the Speedy so if it's not for you, I can name another recommendation depending on your needs. Email me anytime with questions - even to know if where you are thinking of  buying is legit.

They are affordable (well, for a Louis Vuitton) and super stylish. In the world of designer bags, you get a lot of bang with your buck with this purse. For under a grand, you get an iconic bag. The only other iconic bag out there is the Hermes Birkin but those are 10k - 100k depending on the bag.

Another awesome thing about the Speedy is there is so much variety in the styles and sizes.

The Speedy was Louis Vuitton's first handbag for women. It's iconic, you can fit ALL your crap in it, and you can really abuse it and it holds up. I use them when I travel or just don't want to worry about my purse. Speedys come in many sizes - I recommend either the 25, 30, or 35. I buy the 35 for myself but I love large bags. 

Here are my favorite Speedys. 

Classic Monogram  Speedy - LV's first purse for women. Just a scaled down duffel bag essentially. I got mine fresh in the box from a doll trade in the doll store. Awesome! I have had three over the years and sell them when they get icky.

LOVE the Azure Damier line. This bag is great for summer. 

The EPI line is sort of a textured leather line and is understated and really classy if you don't want to be one of those "hey, look at me, I spent a thousand dollars on this purse" women but still be one. I have this bag but want orange or blue. This is a classy purse.

Below is the denim Speedy!

They came out with a denim Speedy. I had it in blue and pink but sold them. They are kind of small and the denim wears out quickly. I still super like them though!

However, I have always thought the green is ugly but as of late, it has kind of grown on me like mold - like the color of the bag!

Louis Vuitton came out with a "Miroir" gold and silver line. I freakin' LOVE them but my friend Danielle got one and this material cracks! They stopped the line. Still it's out of control cool. 

They came out with a Graffiti line several years ago and aesthetically, this thing is a piece of art. It's for a true collector. I didn't have the cash laying around to buy one at the time - plus they were sold out on the wait-list in Denver immediately. They were super limited and sell for thousands in good condition.

This is the ultimate Speedy - the multicolor. I got this when I was 17 and I still love it.  It's super gawdy and totally blinged out with the gold corners. SO much fun!

Moral of the story? If it was good enough for Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, it's good enough for me!

Have fun, Bag Ladies! 


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