Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun Jewelry Displays!

So lately I have been getting into statement necklaces and earrings. I have gone through my jewelry archives and pulled out the super fun pieces I used to own before starting working at John Atencio. I have a lot of GREAT things that I totally forgot I had! I find that if it's not visible and easily accessible, I could go years without using a great piece of jewelry! Here are some of my favorite DIY's for jewelry display!

This lace idea is AWESOME! Get a distressed frame at a antique store and some lace from the fabric store (or use a dress from a thrift store!) and viola! Shabby chic! Obsessed. 

This branch is available at TJ Maxx right now. My friend Kate blogged about it. How cool is this? 
How fun is this idea? Use a vintage or antique woven pillow, a rolled up fashion mag, and these mannequin hands to show off your fashion rings!
This is a double - use your jewelry for storage AND wall art! 
I love the color and versatility of this DIY display. Color is perfect!

Do you have cool ideas for jewelry display?

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