Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bucket List (for the next two months)

 I was watching movie The Bucket List the other night. I love that movie. Two people with terminal cancer make a list of things they want to do before they die - and set out to do it. I think making lists of hopes and dreams no matter how big or small is always a great idea. It's a great reminder to read sometimes when you are in a funk or even wondering what to do with your weekend when you have some unexpected free time!

As you guys may know or not know, I recently went through a break up. Breaks ups are always tough no matter who initiated it but one good thing that comes from it is you now have the opportunity to focus on other goals. In a relationship, a lot of energy is put into it (or should be). For me, I know almost every time I have gone through one, I started something new - whether it was a new job, hobby, rekindled a new or old friendship - I always try and focus on positive things I can do with my new found time and energy. 

I made a "Bucket List" for the next two months. In this time, I will have an answer back about the TV show I just filmed a pilot for and I have a waiting period before I make any major moves. Tentatively, this period is  March 11th through May 31st: I made a list of goals:

Lose the 10 lbs I gained between Thanksgiving and March 11th. (halfway there!)

Update resume

Replace shower curtain lining

Go to YSL Exhibit at the museum 

Hit the gym 5+ times a week  

Continue downsizing and getting rid of stuff I no longer use

Get album for GSM photos

Baby wipes to clean Louis Vuitton Claudia purse I just bought

Buy cell phone case 

Get food processor

Try different hairstyles at least once a week  

Clean out junk in garage

Get car detailed

Figure out how to fix faucet in kitchen

Try Zumba 

Update my room 

Put David Yurman ring on eBay as well as silver Manolos, Louis Vuitton bracelet and JA belt buckle.

Pay off Chanel watch

Pay off Limited Card (why the heck did I open that thing? OH YEAH! I needed a whole new wardrobe for Paris!)

Read a book. A real one - from start to finish!

Enjoy and soak in my free time while I have it

What is your Bucket List? No matter if it's a life list or for the next few months, it's always good to write things down and figure out your goals. There is also something also something so satisfying about crossing things off! Refer back to the post to see me cross things off over the next month and a half. Let's hope, everything!

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